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SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10E

SILKYPIX JPEG Photography mac cracked app – SILKYPIX JPEG Photography is an excellent photo processing software on the Mac platform. SILKYPIXJPEG Photography Mac version can release your creativity and improve the use of digital cameras.


“SILKYPIX Developer Studio 10” has not only basic adjustment functions such as exposure, white balance, contrast, but also a full correction function such as dust removal function, clarity adjustment, lens profile function corresponding to lens aberration correction.

It is a standard version of SILKYPIX series recommended for people of a wide range, from people who are going to start Raw development and those looking for new RAW development software.

SILKYPIX JPEG Photography includes “tastes”, a kind of preset that incorporates useful styles and forms. Choose a taste such as “Landscape” or “Portrait” to make a finished photograph easily that fits your image. In addition, you can save all of your custom, adjusted parameters as a taste preset. Parameters are very useful functions, and you can easily recreate themes and styles across any number of photographs you take.

Remove unwanted objects using the Spotting Tool, such as dust that may appear due to contamination of your camera sensor. You can also adjust and apply rotation and cropping as you wish.

f you work with multiple images at the same time (such as images shot with continuous shooting), and adjust the taste and parameters, you can make corrections for all selected images at once. -SILKYPIX JPEG Photography
For example, even if you darken the exposure setting of the camera, if you select that picture and make correction, you can correct all the selected images at once.

unleash your creativity! Improve JPEG photos taken with digital cameras, smart phones and other devices. Use size adjustment and reduction, hand-painted selection brushes and other tools. Excellent photos.

Although JPEG data uses 8-bit (256-level gray scale) grayscale, it is automatically expanded to 16-bit (65,536 resolution) using SILKYPIX RAW Bridge. By processing JPEG data in a similar way to RAW data, image quality adjustments with high gray levels and richness can be achieved. -SILKYPIX JPEG Photography

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