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Shardlight 2.4

Shardlight mac cracked apps – is not a simple project where the whole world plunged into chaos, but a real caricature of modern society. After bombs began to fall on the planet, hunger, darkness and death began. People were already used to being surrounded only by chaos and disorder, but no one wanted to change anything. -Shardlight


A ruling caste of aristocrats appeared at the head of the states, dictating the rules of life for ordinary people who feed our masters. All resources are in the hands of a small handful of people, and they are able to control not only the markets, but also the people themselves. -Shardlight

Unconditional power has given birth to a new hero – Amy Wellard. The girl is in the very center of the government, she works for him. Albeit reluctantly, but he does his job. The aristocrats came up with a special vaccine that helps people survive in the wasteland. As soon as a person stops receiving it, he soon dies due to radiation. Our heroine believes that the vaccine is not real, and that it does not really exist, so she goes to debunk myths. Such a trip could cost her her life.

The game is built on interesting dialogues, scenes and sensory experiences. The further you go in the game, the more it seems that the world around you has gone crazy.

mac cracked apps

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