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Separation Studio

Separation Studio 2.2.6

Separation Studio mac cracked apps – is a CMYK score Color separation tool, you do n’t need any other software to use it. Separate your graphics color, just use it to open the image file that needs to be separated, and the rest of the work program will It is done automatically for you, simple and easy to use.

Separation Studio Software features:

1, cracked version can open and save jpg, png, bmp, tiff, gif file types.

2. mac activated version can be saved as JPG file type. The pro version supports PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF file formats.

3. It supports image sizes up to 1000×1000 pixels. With the professional version, you can open and separate files with a maximum size of 3000×3000 pixels.

4. Just use the Separation Studio cracked version to open your graphic artwork and make it simple!

5. After separation, C, M, Y and K colors can be saved as separate files with the desired shape and shape size.

6. Color separation is used for T-shirt screen printing and many other printing fields.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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