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Scotch 1.11

Scotch[t/p] mac cracked apps – is a more powerful image processing gadget. It can combine multiple similar pictures into a panoramic picture, adjust layers, add effects to pictures, convert picture formats and so on.

Scotch function:

  1. Add images quickly and easily.
  2. Add images (support drag and drop);
  3. Move the selected image to the front or back of other images;
  4. Produce a “mixed” effect;
  5. “Snap to grid” function;
  6. Use the keyboard arrows to move the image;
  7. Show / hide grid;
  8. Expand or reduce the image size;
  9. Set the zoom and size of the frame;
  10. Vertical / horizontal alignment function;
  11. Apply various effects to edit images;
  12. Crop and generate unique images;
  13. Undo / redo your changes;
  14. Export the final image in PNG / TIFF / JPEG / JP2 / BMP / GIF and the new HEIF format.
  15. mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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