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ROLI Studio Player

ROLI Studio Player 1.2.2

ROLI Studio Player mac cracked apps is a ROLI Studio series of ROLI music editing software, through which you can use ROLI Studio series of multiple sound engines and other effect plug-ins in an easy-to-browse interface. It is like a control platform, with macro controls, smart chords, multi-layer arpeggiator and audio effects. It is a software with rich and diverse functions.

ROLI Studio Player function:

  1. Smart chord

ROLI Studio Player not only simplifies your access to sounds and effects. It introduces tools that can help you write faster.

Smart chords turn notes into chord progressions. Playing one note at a time, you will produce chords, which are automatically fixed in the scale you choose. You can create fast and interesting key chord progressions. Smart chords can take your soundtrack into a new direction, or add more texture to your musical ideas.

First choose your scale. You will find all the chord options at the top of the Smart Chords module (the default is C Minor). Each note you trigger will automatically change the harmony of the chord to ensure that it is bound to the scale.

All chords default to triads or tri-note chords. But you can use the faders to adjust. You can even use the “Add Bass” and “Adjust Sound” options to change the sound of the chord.

We can also adjust Strum to imitate chords by adding a slight delay to each note.

  1. Multilayer arpeggiator

ROLI Studio Player also comes with a multi-layer arpeggiator, which is more powerful than standard arpeggios-and easy to use. It provides three independent arpeggio layers, so you can create complex rhythm patterns with just a few notes.

Each arpeggio is completely controllable. You can adjust standard parameters such as the number of strikes, its position (offset), velocity and octave range. You can also adjust the playback direction, playback type and swing amount. Click the “Hold” button to continue the Arpeggio without pressing notes.

Each arpeggio has a lot to explore. But when you layer them to create dynamic, interactive patterns, it’s really fun-it only takes a few seconds and just a few words to complete.

The useful visualization tool in the center of the module shows you all the layers merged and all the controls assigned to each layer.

Want to try something really interesting? Combine your arp sequence with Smart Chords!

Sound effect

The audio effects section helps you fine-tune the sound in more ways. There are four effect slots with corresponding XY pads. In each slot, you can control delay, distortion, compression, pitch, filters and other effects. When ROLI Studio Player is publicly released, more features will be provided.

Choose your voice from the drop-down menu. You can select up to four at a time.

You can see all four effects in a multi-view at once. However, start with the “single” view to understand the actions that can be performed on each pad. Try to map the parameters to the X and Y axis. For example, using the filter shake effect, you can map the cutoff to the X axis and the speed to the Y axis.

Activate each effect for an instant transition, or click the “latch” to keep them in the XY position until you play the sound.

  1. DAW compatibility

ROLI Studio Player can be directly inserted into DAW. As a VST and AU plug-in, it can be hosted in Logic, GarageBand, Cubase, Bitwig and Reaper and other DAWs. It can also be used as a standalone application.

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

ROLI Studio Player

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