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Rise of the Third Power 1.04 (53517)

Rise of the Third Power mac cracked apps – is a retro RPG that combines the best elements of Japanese and Western games. Combining the strengths of old and new, it surpasses all previous work by Stegosoft Games.

Rise of the Third Power

Plot – Join a unique group of eight heroes and embark on a dangerous mission to overthrow Noraskov. Players will experience a journey full of humor, drama and tragedy.

Political intrigues – the world is recovering after the Great War, the balance of power is broken, and power is empty. There are hours left before the repetition of the greatest war in history.

Combat System – Rise of the Third Power has eight playable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Combine your abilities, analyze the strength of enemies and rush into battle.

Equipment – anything you find, buy, or steal improves your character. Instead of new weapons, the player buys upgrades. You no longer need to buy a helmet in order to find a better one later. Each character has 3 slots of 8 upgrades each, for a total of 192. This will save us from the tedious distribution of supplies and give us something useful in the end.”

mac cracked apps

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