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Retrobatch 1.4.5

Retrobatch mac cracked app – Retrobatch is a powerful image batch manipulation software; in fact, there are many excellent image batch processing tools on the Mac platform, but this is more comprehensive. The software provides batch watermarking, cropping, compression and other functions and fast processing speed. The general operation is to drag the corresponding action from the left column to the workspace to form nodes (Nodes), connect the nodes to create a Workflow, and finally, run this Workflow is acceptable.


Function introduction:

Since these action nodes can be dragged and connected at will, it shows that we can create various Workflows flexibly. For example, we can add a branch to the above batch-added Workflow, and let it save a 50% size reduction image at the same time. Retrobatch is equivalent to providing a set of operating rules and infrastructure, and the rest is entirely up to the user. Combination creation. It also provides some Workflow templates, such as format conversion, date addition, etc.

We can also save the Workflow we often use as a file in .retrobatch format for the next use. The common batch operations that Retrobatch can do include: toning, adding borders, adding filters, adding watermarks, removing address information, cropping, mirroring, compressing… In fact, the basic functions of a picture editor are already covered. Eighth, when these functions are freely combined and operated in Workflow, the power is revealed.

  • Fixed a problem where the Clipboard IO node could cause a crash in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem where the file count for the Read Folder node wouldn’t update on the canvas when the “Include images in subfolders” option was toggled.
  • The Image Grid node now takes out images from the preprocess stage which would otherwise be combined with other images in the grid. This means the canvas file count previews are now more accurate.
  • Fixed a problem where changing values in the Image Grid node would sometimes not stick if you were quickly tabbing between the fields. -Retrobatch

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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