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Repix Pro

Repix Pro 2.1

Repix Pro mac cracked app – Repix Pro is a very practical image processing software, including all tools related to applying filters, resizing, cropping and renaming all images, allowing you to batch process images easily, and it is very practical and very convenient. Both novice and professional users can easily use it.

Repix Pro function:


RePix prO easily adjusts the size. Resize from the entire size preset.

Just drag and drop the image onto any desired preset. And Voila. You are done.

Uncertain size. No problem, RePix prO now allows you to adjust the percentage of the required size.

  1. Magic tailoring

The super intelligent magic crop function can precisely control the cropped image and take care of the people in the photo. Now, you do n’t need to worry about cutting off someone ’s head or toes in the image. Magic crops make you flinch.


A selection of filters and correction functions can enhance image quality

  1. BATCH Renamer

Batch renaming is simple and fun. Add a custom suffix and a prefix of your choice to make it truly belong to you. Find any word in the picture name and replace it with your favorite word to make it memorable.

  1. Export

You can better control the exported images. Choose from a range of formats such as .JPG / .JPEG / .PNG / .BMP / .TIFF / .HEIC / .HEIF. Oh yeah. When exporting, you can view your favorite photos in the preview.

  1. Editor

Editor mode is a convenient tool for applying quick filters and intelligent cropping on selected images.

  1. Dark Mode

Soothing dark mode makes your experience seamless.

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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