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Reassembly 2022.06.24

Reassembly mac cracked app – Reassembly is an open-world 2D game filled with the enemy and friendly spaceships, asteroids and vegetation. You must create your ship, collect resources, expand and improve your fleet and fight enemies.


So, we went through the rigorous criticism of Kickstarter users and got their support. Yes, we have a procedurally generated universe. Yes, we have mind-bogglingly luxurious vector gameplay, and the particle effects are so effortlessly sparkling that you won’t have time to wonder if the expression “naturally sparkling” has any meaning. And yes, we have sounds and a musical atmosphere that will touch your brain with a gentle foamy sponge and polish its every convolution to a delightful shine. – Reassembly


You are too busy creating the perfect spaceship, flawless and thoughtful, and also, if you are lucky, powerful, agile and enviable. The shapes and colors of your creations will inspire fear and awe into the electronic hearts of the insect, angular, square, or plant-like aliens you encounter on your digital safari.

And then you grow up. And that will change everything. Now, your left wing should definitely be your right wing in an asymmetrical layout with fashionable new weapons and mega-impenetrable shields. You remember the time when you were last destroyed (and you will be destroyed) – you thought that it was imperative to strengthen this armor. Is that so? One hundred percent. -Reassembly

And then you grow up again. Once again. And now you have a huge battle ship that can build its own fleet, and every ship in that fleet can build its own fleet. And this is vital for you. Your enemies are constantly changing shape, size and power – ships, created and hardened by the experience of thousands of battles, fall from the creator’s computer to yours, jumping into your Universe with all the mercy of the world, or, in other words, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT IT. -Reassembly

It’s time to dive into the electronic cauldron of evolution.


Luxury vector graphics

Procedurally Generated Universes

Ridiculously user-friendly ship design tool

Beautiful and catchy soundtrack by Peter Brown (Peaks) -Reassembly

There are so many particle effects that you can’t see the end and edge of them

Very smart and active AI

Physics that gives weight to your creations

Asynchronous multiplayer: Universes inhabited by other players

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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