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ReaditNews 2.6

ReaditNews mac cracked app is an easy-to-use news information reading tool, this software can automatically refresh to check for any updates or releases in fav Subreddit, to help you understand the latest news that everyone cares about. You can freely configure your favorite reddit on this software. Friends who need this software can download it and experience it. – ReaditNews

ReaditNews function:

  1. Classify the subdirectories you selected. (Custom configuration)
  2. Add or delete sub-bookmarks in predefined categories. (Easy to use)
  3. Browse Reddit in full screen or menu bar. (Convenience)
  4. Get favorite subreddit alerts. (Maintain status)
  5. In addition, set your favorites as a widget for today and check when the app is closed (distracted 0%)
  6. The dark / light mode is automatically applied according to the preference. (Beauty)
  7. mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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