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RAR 5.90

RAR mac cracked apps – is a compression program that provides original algorithms. This new method of compressing files provides greater efficiency and makes archives smaller-especially on multimedia files and archives containing many files. also provides self-decompression and cross-disk (or multi-volume) functions. is the official archive utility for OS X (provided as a command line utility) and is especially useful when reading all these alt.binaries newsgroups.


To use the command line application, place the file in any folder on your hard drive, and then invoke the utility by typing the full path of the application (for example, to run from the current directory, type ” ./rar” or “./unrar” followed by the corresponding parameters). Entering the application name (rar or unrar) without any parameters will provide useful guidance for the use of each program.

Software function:

1. For CPUs with 16 or more cores, the compression speed has been improved.

2. When creating archives, the “fastest” method (equivalent to -m1 command line) usually achieves a higher compression rate for highly compressible data types.

3. Increase the maximum number of threads used from 32 to 64. The command line -mt switch accepts values ​​from 1 to 64.

4. Improved the “repair” performance of archive files with recovery records and no data shift. It deteriorated in 5.80 and is now back to its original level.

5. When the archive file with the encrypted file name is repaired based on the recovery record, no password prompt will be issued. You can execute this command without providing a password.

mac cracked apps

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