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Quake 3 Arena 1.36

Quake 3 Arena mac cracked apps – Several centuries ago, the mysterious Vadrigar race built the Eternal Arena, a place for gladiator fights that were Vadrigar’s entertainment.¬†Nothing is known about these creatures, except that they enjoy watching carnage in the heat of battle.¬†They send the best gladiators of all time to the Arena.

Quake 3 Arena

In order to win, the gladiator needs not only to survive, but also to defeat his rivals. The Vadrigar warrior cannot be defeated even by death – the fallen warrior is immediately reborn and returns to battle, perhaps even more experienced.
When the dust and blood settle, the warriors will continue their fight, entertaining Vadrigar. But only the strongest of the gladiators will be able to go further until he meets Ziro, the champion of the Eternal Arena.

The player starts his “path” from the zero link (Tier 0). He appears in a room furnished with computers. He is greeted by an unknown voice from one of the Wadrigars: “Welcome to Quake 3 Arena”. After that, the player enters the first arena, where the first battle takes place. After the victory, the player moves through the links, where he fights with other “gladiators”. On the last link (Tier 7 or Tier Z), the player fights against the champion of the Arena – Zero. After the player wins, Ziro stands in the middle of the hall, after which he turns into a statue, and his soul soars upwards.

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