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QSpace 1.7.2

QSpace mac cracked apps – QSpace is a simple and efficient Multi-view file manager. She has the same operating habits and interface presentation as the system visitor, and also supports more flexible and practical features. With her, you can easily get rid of the cumbersome switching between multiple windows and the embarrassment of not being able to find the target when dragging!


It has a powerful multi-view state automatic saving and restoring function, which makes her not only a file manager, but also your work secretary. Make your work easier and work efficiency to a higher level. In addition, it also supports one-click to open files or folders from the terminal and editor, which is an efficient tool for developers! A frame with spheres, triangles or even hexagons. You can control everything with a simple slider with QSpace.

QSpace Software function:

1. Multi-view workspace

Support 12 kinds of view layouts, flexible switching with one key.

Support to create multiple workspaces and switch quickly (shortcut key: Option+Command+G).

The state of all workspaces is automatically saved, and it can be restored by opening it again!

Support 2-level zoom in list view, press “Command + plus/minus” to adjust the icon size.

Support 7-level zoom of icon view, press “Command + plus/minus sign” to adjust icon size.

2, file management enhancement

Segmented interactive address bar: Quickly access each section of the directory and its subdirectories, and support operations such as forward and backward.

Editable address bar: support operations such as copying, editing or directly entering the path.

Quick access: One-click access to frequently used directories in the system, and supports directory bookmarks.

Quick search: Command + F enables quick search, and supports right-clicking on search results.

Terminal shortcut keys: One-click to open the selected directory in the designated terminal (support Terminal, iTerm)

Editor shortcut keys: One-click to open the selected file or directory in the designated editor (support VSCode, Atom, Sublime)

Support to create new files and folders in any location.

Support for customizing new file templates, and you can customize the file name and file content.

Support cut, copy, paste, drag and drop operations between workspace views.

Support copy, paste, drag and drop operations between the workspace view and other applications.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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