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Project Highrise 1

Project Highrise

Project Highrise mac cracked apps – In this game, you will become a famous architect and builder of masterpiece skyscrapers that make entire cities blush. But a skyscraper is not just glass and steel. It is a complex ecosystem that includes all the people who live and work in the building. Your task is to manage this system so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. -Project Highrise

Project Highrise

From the very moment you start digging the pit, all responsibility will fall on you. As an architect, you will oversee every stage of construction, from the installation of rebar to the electrical wiring in every office and every apartment. As an owner, you must attract tenants and make sure they are happy and pay on time. As a smart developer, you must aim for profit and invest in the future. Make the right decisions, and there will be a line of people who want to live and work in your skyscraper. Start making mistakes and the tenants will run away in horror, and there will be no trace of your reputation. -Project Highrise

Will you be able to create a skyscraper office that the heads of the world’s largest corporations want to work in? Or maybe build luxury high-rise apartments for the rich and famous? Or is there nothing more important for you than profit, and you will build an anthill in which everyone is crowded, but they regularly pay hard cash? This decision, like all others, is yours to make. Success is in your hands. -Project Highrise


-Detailed modern skyscraper simulator

-A wide variety of tenants with unique characteristics: from restaurants to offices, from shops to residential apartments.

-Play without limits: sandbox mode with multiple difficulty levels and different sets of starting conditions. 

-Build the skyscraper of your dreams that will outshine all others!

-Campaign mode will make you show your best

-Test yourself for strength: the number of different tenants will grow, and their needs will only become more sophisticated over time 

– Hire consultants to improve the skyscraper’s image, operational efficiency, and relationship with city officials

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