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Presentify 4.1.5

Presentify mac cracked app – Presentify is a menu bar application that allows you to annotate any screen, highlight the cursor, etc., to help you provide a better presentation. It is an ideal tool for online teaching, recording tutorials, giving presentations or demos, working remotely, and listings.

Presentify Software features:

  1. Draw anytime and anywhere

You can draw pictures or add notes on any screen. Just select “Annotate Screen” from the menu bar and start scribbling.

Many drawing shapes are available. While holding down the Shift key, you can use one hand to get a straight line when drawing.

You can hold the Shift key while drawing to fill the rectangle and circle with translucent colors.

Delete your notes automatically. Great for emphasizing specific content or explaining your ideas.

You can draw even if other applications are running in full screen mode. Very suitable for live demonstrations and video calls when working remotely.

Run on iPad connected to Macbook via Sidecar or Astropad.

Used with XP pen.

  1. Highlight the mouse pointer

With Presentify, you no longer need to move the cursor to attract the attention of the audience.

Change the color, opacity and size of the cursor highlight.

You can also choose to highlight only when moving the cursor / mouse.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts

You can use simple keyboard shortcuts to annotate the screen in any application, highlight the cursor, change the drawing color and shape, etc.

  1. Undo / redo support

Don’t worry about errors when commenting.

  1. Multi-screen support

Annotate on multiple screens without having to turn annotations on / off.

Sessions saved for each screen, so there is no need to switch controls, colors, etc. when switching between screens.

Each screen has its own undo / redo stack, so you can accidentally erase invisible content.

  1. Whiteboard

If necessary, you can draw on the whiteboard (do not draw on other applications).

You can even change the color of the whiteboard to the color you want.

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