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PrefEdit 5.1

PrefEdit mac cracked app – is a very good development editor and Application configuration file editing tool. PrefEdit for Mac can automatically list the configuration files of the application, edit and modify the configuration information. The plists file is equivalent to the registry in Windows. It records the basic configuration information of the application or game. It supports smart search and can be used to delete redundant configuration files. Very practical!

PrefEdit introduction:

PrefEdit for Mac is an editing tool for Plist files and Mac system-related files, used to manage almost all aspects of the preference system included in each macOS installation. The program consists of three closely integrated components:

The entry point of the MacOS preferences database, you can access all the settings that are valid for your user account.

Browser and edit macOS property list files (plists).

The browser used for the preference list file.

The attribute list file is a technical method used by macOS to store user preferences in the background. This file type is also used by macOS for many other purposes, not only for building preference databases. You can use PrefEdit to display and edit all files that meet Apple’s plist standard.

The preference manifest file contains descriptions of so-called “hosted preferences”. If modifying user preferences is not only of interest to applications that have this setting, but also accessible to “foreign” applications, the application provider can officially release technical details about these preferences. Such a description specifies which name has what meaning to the application. In addition, you can define the possible range of values ​​and the meaning of each single value. Apple’s Workgroup Manager application uses manifest files to present such remotely manageable settings.

PrefEdit is aimed at both software developers and end users who want full access to every aspect of system and application preference settings. The program can visualize the complete search path and the priority set by the user by default, completely mimicking the view of each macOS application on the preference database.

PrefEdit is the preferred editor ever released for Mac OS X. With its rich experience and maturity, it has become one of the most advanced macOS preference management applications today.

The software is distributed electronically. You can download the product and test it before deciding to purchase an unlimited use license.

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