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Posterino 3.11.2

Posterino mac cracked apps – is a more convenient and easy-to-use image editing software on Mac Help you easily support special effects such as pictorials and posters. All you need to do is select the style you need in the built-in template of the software and drag and drop your existing pictures to create.

Posterino introduction:

Posterino for Mac is a simple and easy-to-use photo editing software that helps you create eye-catching photo collages, calendars, e-cards, and photo frames, allowing casual users to create elegant photo collages of various sizes. To start you first need to choose your favorite template from Posterino’s collection, adjust the size of the collage and choose the preferred direction.

Help you create and share photo collages quickly and easily

The top toolbar helps you switch between preview and layout modes, insert images, stamps, text and calendars, randomly fill the layout with pictures, randomly play the loaded images and export or share your work.

To manually add a picture in an empty frame, all you need to do is drag and drop the selected image into the desired pocket. Layout mode allows you to apply various image filters, change the frame, adjust the paper size, background color and template layout.

Additional image and page adjustments can be made with the help of Posterino ’s Inspector floating panel, making ti easy to change the attributes of selected graphic elements or pictures. Therefore, you can adjust the applied photo filters, add or remove shadows, insert new elements and make the desired changes.

Add a photo filter, adjust the border size, change the background color and easily modify the template

The image menu helps you add multiple layers and display the selected image in the Finder window of Mac. At the same time, the “View” menu helps you display the “Inspector” panel, zoom in and out to hide or show the page border.

By accessing the file menu, you can save the layout as a template, save the generated image on your hard drive, share it with your friends and family via email, send it to iPhoto or upload it to Flickr.

Share your pictures instantly via email or upload to Flickr

The “Preferences” window allows you to customize Posterino and personalize the postmark by adjusting the line width, marking text, marking size and stamp color.

All in all, Posterino is a smooth-running OS X application designed to help you create personalized photo collages, e-cards, and photo frames as easily and easily as possible.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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