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Pixave 2.3.13

Pixave mac cracked apps – basic purpose is to provide the best growing environment Manage your pictures. But to judge its practicability and convenience completely based on its environment is far from doing justice. With the user-definable “favorites” function, you manage your pictures and use folders to classify them to meet your needs.

Pixave function:

1. There should be no labor to collect images. One should be able to collect any image, whether it is a file or from the web, easily and quickly. As the name implies, Pixave Mini is a mini version of Pixave. It is still displayed on the screen, right at all times, you only need to drag a desired image to it, and it will collect the image without disturbing your work space at all.

2. It cannot be easier to capture an area of ​​the screen, a window, or the full screen. With fully customizable hotkeys, you can use any key to capture any image as long as you want-even from stylish web pages.

3. When processing images, people often find that they need to be converted to send to other people. If it is not just a need to convert, but various other options, as well, then, processing many images will require a lot of time and effort to make the work cumbersome image format.

4. Pixave’s image display function is not limited to viewing images only. Not only can you edit metadata, but you can also use the powerful, integrated OS X Yosemite Action to extend detailed professional image files, such as ICNS to edit images, animated GIFs and create multiple frames in TIFF format, as well View. In addition, with the built-in PDF reader, you can easily view PDF files and save any page as a separate image.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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