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Piezo 1.7.7

Piezo mac cracked apps – is a very easy-to-use audio recording software on Mac. You can use Piezo for Mac built-in recording or microphone recording, such as recording QQ and Skype chat voices, playing music in the browser, playing the player Videos and so on can be recorded, and only need to click a button, very convenient!

Piezo Features:

Piezo is a small, simple, and easy-to-use audio recording software on the Mac OS X platform. It was developed by Rogue Amoeba. Many people may be familiar with Audio Hijack Pro, another product of the company. Compared with the latter, is a brand-new product developed by the company from 0, not a simplified version of Audio Hijack Pro. This is done to a large extent to pass the audit of the Mac App Store (most of the same type None of the apps can pass the review of the Mac App Store).

Similar to Audio Hijack Pro and Wiretap Studio launched by Ambrosia Software, can also obtain audio signals directly from specific applications for recording. For example, in the picture of this article, the author is recording music played on Douban Radio (Safari application ), Of course, you can also record the audio signal of the computer microphone.

Functionally, is far less powerful than Audio Hijack Pro and Wiretap Studio, but ease of use is a very obvious feature. The only things you can control are: the audio source, the type of recording file saved, the location where the recording file is saved, and the name or introduction of the recorded file. The quality of the recording is not compromised at all-AAC 256kbps stereo.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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