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PhotoScape X Pro

PhotoScape X Pro 4.1.1 fix

PhotoScape X Pro mac cracked apps – PhotoScape X Pro is very popular abroad Digital photo processing software, it is a special effect processing and editing tool that can help users process and browse pictures. It can not only retouch the photos perfectly, but also perform repair operations to achieve the most realistic results.

PhotoScape X Pro Function introduction:

Photoscape is an image special effects processing and editing tool for macOS. This software has all the functions of general image processing software, such as adding watermarks, photo collages, borders, etc., and Photoscape can also realize GIF animation production. RAW conversion, ID photo layout, screen color picking, screenshots and other functions. In addition, I am very careful in some details, such as basic EXIF ​​information will be displayed below when viewing pictures in a slideshow.

The interface layout of Photoscape is not the same as that of traditional picture browsing and editing software. The traditional toolbar position at the top is replaced by a user-oriented tab, and various functional blocks such as “picture browsing” and “editing” are replaced. Unified editing” “page” “puzzle” “gif animation” “printing” and so on are listed. The toolbar is placed in different function block interfaces.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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