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PCDJ DEX mac cracked app – Mac version is a Professional DJ software on the Mac OS platform, its simple and intuitive operation mode and comprehensive functions are not only suitable for novices who have just entered the DJ world, but also meet the complex needs of DJ experts.

PCDJ DEX introduction:

PCDJ DEX is an indispensable application for DJ people. Once you use this application, its excellent features will assist you to successfully enter the DJ world. It contains a powerful and comprehensive music library, which can help DJ musicians quickly find all kinds of music files, whether it is MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA or FLAC, WAV and ACC format files, you can easily find them .

In addition, PCDJ DEX supports smart playlists and authorizes users to control all audio files. Users can also choose various and colorful skins to create their own personalized application.

At the same time, also supports up to 4 DJ musicians to create DJ music at the same time, and has functions such as BPM beat matching, effects and sampling, and simple loop waveforms.

In short, whether you are a novice in the DJ world or a professional in the DJ world, PCDJ DEX is an indispensable application for you, come and try!

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Mac cracked app screenshot:


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