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Patina 1.2

Patina mac cracked apps is a Mac App Store for Mac The best simple drawing, drawing and sketching app in the world. It includes rotating objects at any angle, saving transparent images, opening/importing objects PDF, AI, PSD and Eps files, etc. – Patina

Patina function:

1. Continuous shape rotation-objects can be rotated at any angle instead of being rotated by a predetermined specific rotation angle.

2. Easily adjust the tool width-use the slider to adjust the thickness of the shape strokes and the text font size.

3. Intuitive color management-user-configurable favorite colors are highlighted and easily selected or edited.

4. Transparent image save-allows you to create an image without a background color.

5. Crop frame that can be moved independently-easily move the crop frame and adjust its size without affecting the image.

6. Alpha color mixing-mix translucent colors with canvas colors to create new colors.

7, Anti-aliasing control-open and close the edge at any time.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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