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Path Finder

Path Finder 10.0b12

Path Finder mac cracked apps – Path Finder is a system file manager similar to Finder, it can easily access system files or network hard drives. You can customize the label set, support the creation of different sidebars, according to different applications.

Path Finder

The operation is indeed more convenient than the Finder operation that comes with the system. You can directly display hidden files, and arrange the file order according to your requirements. Click the icon to directly open the file or folder, click the file name to select it only. You can preview the file in any display mode, you can directly see the content of the text and PDF file in the preview window, and so on.


  1. Double-panel file browser
  2. View the contents of two folders or volumes side by side in a window.
  3. Pause the delivery stack
  4. Freeze drag and drop operations by placing files on a temporary stack.
  5. Tags and bookmarks
  6. Use the best features of the web browser in your file browser.
  7. Sort and filter the file list
  8. Sort folders first, or list of restricted files by name or extension
  9. Command line tools
  10. Path Finder provides a terminal device for browsing your files and provides some popular UNIX tools with a graphical interface.
  11. Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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