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Paste 2.5.6

Paste mac cracked app for each clip of mac The record can display (preview) the complete content of the record such as text, pictures, etc., and display the Clipboard source program in the header of the card. For example, if you copy an Action in Omnifocus, for mac version record will display this item under Omnifocus Action record.


Function introduction:Paste for mac combines the outstanding characteristics of the OS X / iOS platforms, such as: Clipboard History (Clipboard History) uses the iOS multi-task card switching interface, Clipboard search (Search ) Obviously borrowed from the App search UI in OS X Launchpad. Although it is an imitation, it is just right to manage the clipboard function. With the hot key to quickly call, it is even more handy to use. Click Clipboard to record to perform the copy action. For the text, we can choose to automatically clear the source content style, and in the background we can customize the display capacity of Clipbaord History, from 10, 50, 100, 500, or even an unlimited amount. select.

mac cracked app

Screenshot of the software:‚Äč

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