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Papers Please

Papers, Please 1.2.76 (54232)

Papers, Please mac cracked app – Congratulations from Papers, Please. The October labor lottery drawing has come to an end. Your name is among the winners. For immediate employment, contact the office of the Ministry of Access at the Greshty border point. You and your family will be provided with an apartment in East Grestin. Class 8 apartments are waiting for you. Glory to Arstotske. 

Papers, Please

The communist power of Arstotsk has just ended a six-year war with the neighboring state of Kolechia and has returned its half of the city of Greshtin. You are a border inspector, and your task is to control the access of people intending to cross the Arstotskan border from the Kolechia side. Smugglers, terrorists and spies lurk in the crowd of immigrants and job seekers hoping to find work. You must expose them by examining the submitted documents and relying only on your own attention and primitive equipment provided by the Department of Immigration: search systems, data collation and fingerprinting. It is up to you to decide who deserves admission to the country, who should be refused, and who should be detained or arrested.

Papers, Please is a puzzle simulation video game created by indie game developer Lucas Pope, developed and published through his production company, 3909 LLC. The game was released on August 8, 2013 for Microsoft Windows and OS X, for Linux on February 12, 2014 and for iOS on December 12, 2014. A port for the PlayStation Vita was announced in August 2014, and was then released on December 12, 2017.

In Papers, Please, the player takes on the role of a border-crossing immigration officer in the fictional dystopian Eastern Bloc-like country of Arstotzka, which has been and continues to be at political hostilities with its neighboring countries. The game takes place at a migration checkpoint. As the immigration officer, the player must review each immigrant and return citizens’ passports and other supporting paperwork against an ever-growing list of rules using a number of tools and guides. Tasks include allowing in those with the proper paperwork while rejecting those without all proper documents, detaining those with falsified information, and balancing personal finances.

Papers, Please was positively received on its release, and it has come to be seen as an example of an empathy game and a demonstration of video games as an art form. The game was recognized with various awards and nominations from the Independent Games Festival, Game Developers Choice Awards, and BAFTA Video Games Awards, and was named by Wired and The New Yorker as one of the top games of 2013. Pope reported that by 2016, more than 1.8 million copies of the title had been sold.

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