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OpenEmu 2.2.1

OpenEmu mac cracked app – This software can be used on Mac OS X For playing GB, GBA, NDS, PSP, PlayStation, Super Nintendo (SNES), Red and White (NES), Sega and other TV game consoles and handheld games, OpenEmu is an open source emulator software. The interface is simple and beautiful, with strong apple flavor and intuitive operation.

OpenEmu introduction:

OpenEmu’s main game management interface, Mac users can understand it at first glance. Drag the ROM file into the corresponding channel to add a game, double-click the game cover in the main interface on the right to start playing. Mouse over the game window, and buttons for exit, save, pause, set, and full screen will appear below.

Open Emu uses a modular architecture and supports game engine plug-ins, which means that Open Emu can support different simulation engines. Open Emu has been tested for a long time and can simulate the hardware of different game consoles. Version 1.0 will support a variety of 16-bit systems, including Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, NeoGeo Pocket, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesisi and Super Nintendo. In the future, Open Emu will also support Nitendo 64, Nitendo DS and Sony PlayStation systems.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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