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Northgard 2.8.27

Northgard mac cracked apps – Northgard features different races, unique mechanics and gameplay The rules present a place in the north where survival alone is extremely difficult. Players need to rationally arrange various resources according to the seasons of winter and summer, and initiate territorial expansion and conquest wars at a reasonable time, in order to gain an advantage under the premise of survival, and then win a single game in Northgard.


The pace of this game is slow, and the characteristics of various races are reflected in the difficulty of obtaining different resources, so the playability and depth of strategy are far less than the traditional RTS in the glorious period. However, its integration with survival gameplay allows people to see the future development direction of RTS in Northgard.

Northgard Game content:

The law of survival in the northern land

What is the way of life of the Nordic people? In summer, there is plenty of game, but in winter, there is nothing. They need to store enough food and firewood to survive the extreme cold and blizzards of winter in Northgard.

“Winter is the eternal night, and summer is the endless day.”

How to play and victory conditions in Northgard

There are several conditions for victory in Northgard: obtaining all the blessings of the gods through the accumulation of knowledge by scholars; accumulating gold coins and trade points through merchants and sailors; occupying the entire map or the world tree through food and combat power; through the integration of various behaviors If you gain reputation, you can win the game.

But its core is survival. Happiness, buildings, and population limit the number and division of labor of villagers. The number and division of labor directly affects combat power and resource collection efficiency. Combat power and resources are essential conditions for the exploration and acquisition of new territories, and the number of territories directly affects new territories. Building construction and happiness.

Food and wood consumption will increase as the population grows, while gold coins are needed to maintain more and more buildings. In the winter, the output of all resources has dropped sharply, but the consumption of food and wood has sharply increased. As reality has repeatedly emphasized, the Nordic people need to store enough food and wood in summer to survive one harsh winter.

Resources and Careers

There are six types of resources: food, wood, gold coins, iron ore, silver ore, and knowledge.

All resources come from the output of the villagers, but different resources need to be generated by new occupations transformed by the villagers after the corresponding buildings are built. For example, wood needs lumberjacks, gold coins need merchants, knowledge needs scholars, and so on.

Food is the most important resource. It supports three functions: the first is population consumption. Every villager will consume a fixed amount of food, which is more intense in winter; the second is territory acquisition. In addition to the crow clan, the new territory needs to consume an increasing amount of food; the third is a big banquet, which can increase the efficiency of all resources while increasing happiness. Hunting, fishing, and farmland only exist in some specific territories. Through them, food can be obtained more efficiently. Players usually build grain silos in these territories to increase food production while also increasing storage capacity.

Wood corresponds to the consumption of construction and construction and the consumption of firewood in winter. When food and wood are 0 and continue to decrease, villagers are very likely to be hungry, cold or sick. Such conditions can easily lead to a sharp decline in population, a decline in production efficiency and happiness Degree decreases.

Occupations can be transformed into each other through different buildings, but when villagers become soldiers, they need to consume gold coins. Scholars can provide knowledge, and every time a certain number of knowledge points are reached, they can obtain technological advancement. When the technology is upgraded a certain number of times, specific blessings of the gods can be unlocked and certain global attributes can be upgraded.

Territory and battle

The concept of territory is unique in this game. The behavior of the villagers will be limited to the territory they already own. Only when the scouting hut is built, the scouts (also relying on the transformation of the villagers) can automatically expand the vision of the territory. Each territory has its own limit on the number of buildings, usually 3 to 4 buildings, but players can increase the number once by consuming gold coins.

When the player has a new territory vision, it is necessary to ensure that the territory is not occupied by enemies, and there is no segregation of wolves, witches, goblins, or Valkyrie, in order to ensure that this territory belongs to them by spending food. Therefore, players need to build various barracks, so that the villagers can become warriors, axe throwers or shield players, or production generals to enhance their combat effectiveness.

Warriors, heroes, and shield players are in front during battle, and the axe throwers attack from a distance. The common micro-management (siege or pull the remaining blood soldiers) of traditional RTS is still applicable.

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