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Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor 1.1.4

Nimbatus mac cracked apps – In Nimbatus, you are the captain of Nimbatus, the largest mobile drone factory in history. Design your drones and explore the Universe, where all the laws of physics apply. To survive, you will have to fight through entirely destructible planets in different biomes.

You are the Captain of the Nimbatus – the most prominent mobile drone factory ever made. Design your unique drones to explore a physics-based universe. Survive by shooting your way through entirely destructible planets in different biomes,
compete against autonomous drones built by other players or enjoy complete creative freedom in the sandbox.


Experience complete creative freedom and compete with other players’ drones in the sandbox.

Let your fantasy fly

Over 75 physically modeled parts to choose from. There is almost nothing to limit you in this workshop.

Play in different modes

Campaign with survival mode. Choose one of six captains and explore the universe, strengthening your arsenal. Danger lurks at every parsec! -Nimbatus


Let your imagination run wild – customize the settings, create your own missions and conquer the Universe with the help of numerous resources.


Show everyone who is the most skilled engineer here. Compete with other players in sumo, racing, wrestling and hunting.

Get resources on planets

During your journey, you will visit many procedurally generated planets. All of them are completely destructible, rich in resources and unique: each has its own characteristics, climate and enemies.

Build an autonomous drone -Nimbatus

Do you want something more difficult? Then connect sensors, logic elements and collect fully automatic drones. Use inventions in a single game or measure your skills with other engineers.

Choose weapons and upgrade your ship

Fight through campaigns with a variety of pre-made weapon combinations, and craft your own at the weapon shop as you explore the tech tree. Upgrade your carrier ship to be at your best in any mission. -Nimbatus

Choose from more than 75 physically simulated parts. The drone construction workshop enables full creative freedom.

  • Survival campaign: Pick one of six diverse captains, navigate the universe and grow your arsenal while facing overwhelming odds.
  • Sandbox: Get creative with unlimited power. Adjust game parameters to your liking, create your own challenges or conquer the universe with endless resources at your disposal.
  • Competitive arenas: Show your engineering skills to the world. Battle other players in several arenas such as Sumo, Racing, Brawl & Catch. -Nimbatus

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