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NightTone 2.6.0

NightTone mac cracked apps – NightTone is a color palette that makes your screen more comfortable, enjoyable and healthy by converting the colors of the monitor to a warmer, eye-friendly palette. NightTone makes you sleep and feel better.

NightTone features:

  1. Predefined color trays for common situations

Warm orange after long hours of work

Soft black or dark colors, suitable for dark rooms

Noisy green, suitable for long reading

Soft blue, suitable for rooms with artificial light

Light white is suitable for movie night or dark photo works

All colors are adjustable and can be changed to any color you like

  1. Features

Change screen brightness and color palette to warmer colors

Configure your monitor to almost any color you want

Invert the colors of the screen in a dark room for better use

Support multiple monitors

The app can only be activated at night (you can customize the activation time)

Start by logging in, arrange the application, and then forget about its existence. Enjoy the benefits

Easy to use, absolutely no configuration required

  1. Support

We read your support email every day.

Write down any questions, feedback or complaints with confidence, and you will receive a reply within a short time.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:​​


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