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NetWorth Pro

NetWorth Pro 3.4.0

NetWorth Pro mac cracked apps – NetWorth Pro Tracking your Net Worth gives you the most accurate picture of your complete financial health. It is a snapshot of your financial life at one moment in , a single number representing your financial health.

NetWorth Pro Features:

  • Custom asset and liability categories.
  • Support for categories held in foreign currencies.
  • Depreciable categories.
  • Custom, colored category tags.
  • Quick and simple data entry.
  • Pre-populated values from the previous months’ entry.
  • Track individual asset or liability categories.
  • Multiple charts: net worth, total assets/liabilities, individual asset/liability category, tags.
  • Pie charts showing a distribution of your asset/liability categories (% or amount).
  • Tap on any chart point to see its information and/or edit that record.
  • Compare net worth records from different periods.
  • Compare your net worth to mean and median net worth in other countries.
  • Compare your net worth to US mean and median net worth depending on income, age, and education.
  • Display bar chart of your annual net worth and estimated net worth for future years based on the trend from previous ones.
  • Set your net worth goal and see it in your charts.
  • Password protection (optional).
  • Multiple printable reports: net worth statement, assets, liabilities, tag-based reports.
  • Copy any chart as an image to your clipboard or print it.
  • Backup all your data to a file.
  • Restore your data from a file.
  • Export your data to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that lets you import it to MS Excel or Numbers.
  • Setup monthly reminders so you don’t forget to log your next month’s net worth.

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