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Netler 2.0

Netler mac cracked apps – is a network monitor for menu bar and Notification Center.Access your active network interfaces, external ip and country and traffic statistics.

Netler Features:

  • Active/inactive network interfaces
  • Local ip and mac-address
  • Gateway ip
  • External ip and country detection
  • Sent/received data and speed

– New icon

– macOS Big Sur support

– Universal Binary

– Bug fixes and improvements

App privacyDeveloper Andrey Tsarkov did not provide Apple with details of its privacy practices and data processing methods. For details, please refer to the developer’s privacy policy.

Please refer to the privacy definitions and examples to learn more about the developer’s response.

Privacy practices may vary depending on factors such as the function used or age. Learn more about

No details providedThe developer must provide privacy details when submitting an App update next time.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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