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NecroLand: Undead Corps (53401)

NecroLand Undead Corps mac cracked apps – is an indie action-adventure game with elements of Ticket to Ride strategy and post-apocalyptic style. In this adventure, you will experience all the delights of the battle royale genre, the meaning of which is to be the last survivor among hundreds of players. 

NecroLand: Undead Corps

Get ready to take control of Alpha Squad and fight hundreds of zombies roaming the wasteland. You can destroy them or pacify them by increasing the number of your allied troops. You have a direct opportunity to create a real army of the undead, which will not be so easy to defeat! 

Replenish your squadron with new dead, and then try to successfully manage them. This game has a mix of genres, from real-time strategy to hardcore RPG, where the focus is on decision making, not your ability to shoot. Enslave enemy troops, change the abilities of your own squad, command mechanical and chemical units, and explore local territories to get a lot of new things.

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