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Native Instruments Massive X 1.3.1

Native Instruments Massive X mac cracked apps – Native Instruments Massive X is a brand-new synthesizer plug-in, but it is not an upgraded version of Massive, but a brand-new software that has been recreated. The interface and operation methods have changed. Its most significant change this time is that there will be 8 modulators that can be set to help you do advanced modulation and a similar automation style modulation sequencer called Performance.

Native Instruments Massive X Software function:

  1. Adjustable GU

Native Instruments Massive X MASSIVE name, but any size you like-scale MASSIVEⅩ proportionally to fit your workflow.

  1. Oscillator and noise

Native Instruments Massive X The core of MASSIVE X: Use two wave oscillators, a large selection of wavetables, and countless different ways of using and shaping the sound to solve the problem-with the greatest potential for pitch change. And insert noise from various natural and synthetic sources.

  1. Filter

Next, send the sound through the MASSIVE X filter. Discover a whole new way of sound sculpting through a series of unique filters-each filter has its own sub-modes and unique controls.

  1. Effects-Insertion and Stereo

Up to three effects can be inserted in series or parallel at any position in the signal chain, or use the same slot to insert other oscillators. Then apply a series of onboard Stereo fX to the output.

  1. Voice page

More than just a setting page, the voice part gives you an in-depth understanding of the synthesis engine of MASSIVE X. Cross-fade between a wide range of unison and chord sounds to make new harmonic mixes, or to modulate sound parameters to become very wild.

6, routing

Route any input to any input with a few clicks to quickly create complex signal paths. This is an area where you can really try the different elements of MASSIVE X

  1. Envelope and LFo

This is where you can actually start sculpting, moving and moving sounds. There are nine slots for envelopes and LFOs, and there is always enough modulation to bypass. Drag and drop anywhere you like.

  1. Performer/ Remote octave

Inject controlled changes by drawing up to 8 modulation bars using Performers. Assign them to control octaves to play expressive and complex sequences, or just conduct experiments in this world.

  1. Tracker

Modulate the parameters according to the notes you play and the way the tracker is. Draw curves to fine-tune the modulation of each note, or play dynamics in countless ways-for example, adding reverberation when you are more difficult to play, or adding delay when you strike a specific note.

mac cracked apps

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