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Native Instruments Kontakt 6.5.3 R3 PROPER

Native Instruments Kontakt mac cracked app – is a A professional sampler that Mac users love to create and play sampled musical instruments. The latest Native Instruments for Mac adds more functions to users on the basis of retaining the original functions.

Native Instruments Kontakt introduction:

An audio collection and editing tool officially created by Native Instruments. The software is professional and powerful. The software integrates music collection, audio editing, and audio production functions. It can help users collect different types of sounds in music design. Design and edit, add various audio effects, and create your own high-quality audio files!

Software features:

Reliable sampling platform

Industry standard: KONTAKT provides engine power for many large-scale sampled instrument sound sources

The built-in original factory library contains 55+ GB full of detailed, creative and expressive instrument sound sources

You can also use the built-in modulation, wavetable, envelope and effects for sound shaping

And use powerful sample editing and instrument making options to make your own instrument sound source

More than just samplers

Using it with a large number of sampled instrument sound sources, you can create sounds that sound like snare drums, symphonies, or anything in between. When you need a simple sampler, it is as you wish, when you have more sound needs, it is a deep sound scripting laboratory. The world’s largest next-generation sampling platform provides you with new instrument sound sources and new functions-you can layer, connect, stretch and shape the sound the way you need.

New content:

In the past two decades, has become a highly developed engine for creating and playing sampled instruments. provides more services for players and creators, such as:

Introducing Play Series instruments: three new instruments in the KONTAKT sound effect library, providing original and modern sounds in a novel and simplified interface

Wavetable Synthesizer Module: Build hybrid instruments for brand-new sounds

Enhanced effects: Add effects to your creation to get better expression and sense of reality

Creator Tools: A new standalone application dedicated to improving the sound library creation and editing process.

Three new musical instruments

KONTAKT 6 introduces KONTAKT Play Series instruments: This is a new design that has gained a cult sound. Each instrument embeds a powerful creative processing chain into a simple and intuitive interface. These hybrid instruments combine wavetable synthesis with creative sampled content, allowing dynamic live mixing and sound shaping.

These instruments all have eight carefully arranged macro controls, corresponding to the eight rotary encoders on our KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. These controls are mapped to many shared parameters in the background, so you only need to turn a macro knob to significantly change the sound.

The source of power for sampled musical instruments

KONTAKT is the host of hundreds of very realistic and detailed sampled instruments. At the same time, since it is the most widely used hosting platform, you may have heard sounds made with KONTAKT, such as top-ranking pop music, sensational club performances, popular TV shows and blockbuster movies.

In addition to our own KONTAKT instrument sound sources, there are currently about 600 licensed instrument sound sources from other manufacturers and thousands of “independent” instrument sound sources running in KONTAKT. This diverse ecosystem means that KONTAKT 6 is your access point to the industry’s* collection of playable sample sounds.

Create an instrument sound source in KONTAKT

KONTAKT is a playground for creative work using samples. Whether you are creating a specific sound for a track, or building a complex multi-sampled instrument sound source, KONTAKT can provide you with the tools you need: a flexible editor, seven playback modes, built-in effects, and in-depth advanced scripting language.

KONTAKT 6 also introduces Creator Tools. This stand-alone application provides a multi-instance debugger and instrument editor, which can radically simplify and improve the creation of instrument sound sources.

Hardware compatibility

KONTAKT is fully compatible with NKS, which means that our own instrument sound source and many third-party partners’ instrument sound sources can realize instant audio preview of patterns and sounds, powerful tag-based preset search, and pre-mapping of main controls Wait.

KONTAKT can also work seamlessly with the Light Guide on the KOMPLETE KONTROL S series keyboard to achieve one-to-one visual presentation. Use extended performance controls, such as performance techniques (for example, portamento on a guitar or damper on brass), pattern switches, key splits, etc.

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