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MWeb Pro 4.2.3

MWeb Pro mac cracked app – is based on the MarkDown editor and static blog generation tool. It is a generation tool specifically for writing articles with Markdown and to be published as a website or blog. The MWeb Mac version can be used as an editor and as a blog generation tool. Octopress and Jekyll tools plus simple and easy to use.

MWeb Features:

First of all, must be a useful Markdown editor, syntax highlighting, preview, Fenced code blocks and code highlighting support, Math ML support, export HTML / PDF, custom editor theme, word count, outline view, autosa ve, document history version and so on are all required. In addition, is divided into two modes:

  1. One is a library document mode managed by MWeb. In this mode, documents can be managed by category, pictures can be dragged and dropped, and a fully static website can be generated.
  2. One is the external file mode. The Markdown file of the folder is opened directly with MWeb. This is the mode. The difference is that there is no drag and drop to insert the picture function and the website cannot be generated.

The design of MWeb is to make it easy to keep a diary with Markdown, manage the diary easily and generate a blog. The function of inserting pictures when writing a diary is often used. If a general Markdown tool wants to insert a picture, it must be thrown online. Like Ulysses, you can easily insert pictures, but you can only see them when you double-click or preview. MWeb is designed to be dragged or directly pasted to insert pictures and display them for easy viewing.

The design of MWeb’s classification management is similar to the structure of a blog. A document can select multiple classifications. The way to turn a category into a blog is: select the category-> Set to site. Set the name and description of the blog, etc., click: Build site button. If there are changes to the Theme or any unexpected results, try the Clear and rebuild site button and the Preview site button to preview the generated blog. MWeb can also customize website and blog themes, adding comments and sharing capabilities.

There is no need to use this as an editor. Here we talk about the issue of how to publish after generating a static website: The advantage of MWeb is that the generated websites are all on your local computer, so you can back up and synchronize to Dropbox and other network drives. Of course, you can also regenerate with one click, you only need to back up your document library.

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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