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Movavi Picverse

Movavi Picverse 1.10

Movavi Picverse mac cracked app – Photo Editor for Mac is designed to match the needs of both beginning and professional photographers. The application gives you AI-based tools that will enable you to experiment with images and achieve stunning results in a snap. Movavi Picverse is your go-to photo-editing software for Mac if you want to spend more time shooting and more minor time retouching.

Movavi Picverse

AI Auto Enhance – Movavi Picverse
Optimize the colors and contrast in a photo in seconds with artificial intelligence technology.

AI Restoration of Old Photos – Movavi Picverse
Bring old photographs back to life easily. Hide crease lines, scratches, and stains. Reduce image noise in scans. Add color to black-and-white photos.

100+ Effects and Filters – Movavi Picverse
Choose from a variety of effects and create eye-catching images, regardless of the original.

Custom Sharpness Adjustment
Take full control of the level of detail in your photos. Emphasize texture and get rid of blur. Just a few seconds with our photo-editing software and your photo will pop.

Precise Object Removal
Clear out unwanted objects so nothing distracts from the focus of the scene. Get natural-looking results with no signs of editing.

Impeccable Photo Retouching
Effortlessly bring out the best in your portraits. Smooth skin, reshape bodies, whiten teeth, and apply makeup. The final image will have a perfectly-balanced, realistic look.

More Features to Explore Your Creativity:

  • Light and Color Correction
    Add the desired hue to your photos: apply HDR Lighting, adjust white balance, and more.
  • Noise Reduction
    Remove distracting digital noise from low-light images and photos with the wrong ISO setting.
  • Text Insertion
    Customize a font, size, and color. Adjust the background. Twist the words into different shapes.
  • RAW Image Support
    Open and edit RAW files: the program will automatically convert them to JPEG after uploading.
  • Basic Editing Tools
    Crop, resize, flip, and rotate images.
  • Export Settings
    Choose the desired format and size when saving an image. Remove the metadata and add comments to photos.

No matter which online/society community we come from, or what kind of workspace we are in, we deal with photos everyday. And it is much likely we need to edit a photo. Though Adobe photo tools are perfect, it is still “too much” for us, and that’s how Movavi PicversePhoto Editor, with the current version V1.4.0 come to us, it makes photo editing much easier.

Movavi PicversePhoto Editor is a simple-to-use tool to make photo memories, to help you get to know its full feature without installation or trial, we here give a Movavi Picverse Photo Editor review for both Mac and Windows users, you will find out the goods and not-that-goods of this program.

The Good:

Very easy to use
AI Powered: AI restore old photos, AI enhance
Basic editing tools: adjust light, color, detail, crop and rotate, resize
Creative tools: insert image, add text, change background, apply effects
Retouch: skin, eyes, mouth, hair, face, etc.
Smart and accurate eraser, stamp
4 selection tools
Manage photos in photo gallery
Batch edit photos
Low pricing

The installation of Movavi Picverse Photo Editor is quite easy, also it supports a lot of languages, you can select the interface language and installation folder before the installation.

The installation processes fast, but you may run into a failure caused by the stop from your installed anti-virus software, just as I did. In this case, allow your anti-virus program to continue with the installation. Movavi Photo Editor is safe and clean to use, it won’t do harm to your computer as long as you download the program from its official website.

install 1

The Interface
I like the color and layout of the Movavi Picverse’s interface, it is neat and easy to understand.

The panel on the right hand for each tab locates all the editing tools and settings. On the right top, you can use the Before/After tool to compare the original photo and the processed photo. Quite simple but practical, right? You just need choose an editing tool intuitively, then go to each panel to customize.

main interface

What’s more, every time a new photo is added into the program for processing, Movavi will detect and manage in the photo gallery, help you select and process fast.

photo gallery

Also, I like the way Movavi helps us to understand each feature better, as you may have noticed, when you place the mouse on some icons, there appear informative texts, explaining what can each tool do for you in detail.


In the case you want a tutorial before editing, you can refer to the in-app user guide or how to instructions, even learn from its YouTube channel.


Full Editing Features

  1. Adjust

Adjust feature helps users to enrich colors and improve contrast smartly, there are 3 ways to adjust your photos in Movavi: AI Restore an old photo, AI Adjust, manually adjust light, color or detail.


Though the AI Restore feature won’t fix an old photo with only one click, it builds a good foundation for further polishing. With the erase and stamp tool, also with your patience, Picverse can finally restore your old photos.
ai restore

  1. Object Removal (Erase and Stamp)

This is a very useful feature from Movavi Picverse Photo Editor, you are allowed to remove unwanted objects from the original photo but still keep the photo looks natural and complete.

Also, it is easy to use, choose a selection tool, then repeat the erasing process until you get what you want.

But here is disadvantage of using this tool, you need to keep erasing again and again before a satisfying work comes out.


  1. Change Background

There are 3 steps to change background in Movavi:

Step 1. Select foreground first, the Auto Select helps to automatically find people in the photo, for other objects, you can choose the Brush or Lasso to select foreground.change background 1
Step 2. Then you need to refine the edges.change background 2
Step 3. Last, you need to add a new image as the background, you can add from your local folder, or you can use the ones offered by Movavi.change background 3
Then you can check the result as following.

change background 4

Actually, I tried to change background for both photos with people and dog, apparently, Movavi does better on finding and auto selecting people in the photo, it makes the background-changing smoother and more natural in a photo with people.

  1. Retouching

Movavi Picverse builds in 5 retouching tools to reinvent your look on the photo. You can retouch the skin, eyes, mouth, hair and face.

  1. Effects

There are 9 categories of effects offered in Movavi, all of them are quite common but can basically meet all your needs to apply effects to a photo under different occasions.


  1. Insert Image and Add Text

This is useful to add watermark text or image to your photos. You can change properties.


  1. Other Features

Crop and rotate: rotate 90 degrees, flip 180 degrees, also straighten photos
Resize— Change photo size as needed

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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