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Movavi PDF Editor 1

Movavi PDF Editor 3.2.1

Movavi PDF Editor mac cracked apps – Movavi PDF Editor is simple and easy to help You can read and edit PDF files with complete functions. It also supports PDF page export function, which can help us quickly view PDF files and edit PDF files quickly. It is easy to use and very good – Movavi PDF Editor! !

Movavi PDF Editor introduction:

Looking for a PDF reader for Mac with good editing tools? Most Mac computer software, you can find the download on the Internet is not so great.

Free desktop applications often lack advanced options and insufficient formatting tools, and high-quality paid programs may not be able to be resolved because of the high price.

We decided to combine the best features of the existing OS PDF editor with no shortcomings, and propose a Mac PDF editor that you will like. Create and update draft contracts, combine multiple scans into PDF files, and more!

PDF and image viewing – Movavi PDF Editor

Read standard PDF documents on Mac computers: text documents, articles, forms, brochures, etc.

Open the picture in PNG or JPG format

Open and switch between tabs in the document

Zoom the page from 25% to 400%

Document editing

Change the page order and add a new page PDF file

Category update when product or price changes

Select the page you need from the larger document, and then delete the rest

When scanning in the wrong direction, rotate the page 90° or 180°.

File merge

Export files, images, and projects from Word, Excel, PS image processing software, or AutoCAD to PDF files, then open and combine them in a PDF editor

Create a PDF document to store a scan of a receipt or monthly report

No need to rescan a large file, if one or two pages are not scanned correctly: scan only those pages, and then add them to the original PDF file

Page exit

Save the contents of a single PDF page from a large file as a separate PDF file

Extract pages as JPG or PNG images

Save the image as a PDF page

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Movavi PDF Editor

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