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Motion 5.5

Motion mac cracked apps – is a dynamic picture editing tool launched by Apple. It can produce text and letters to generate animation effects. Motion 5 is designed for video editors. It allows you to customize Final Cut Pro subtitles, transitions and effects. Or create your own beautiful and dazzling animations in 2D or 3D space while providing real-time feedback as you work. A brand-new interface tailored for editors, smart templates that can be dynamically modified during editing, and easy-to-use dynamic graphics tools to create eye-catching subtitles, transition effects and special effects. Motion deserves to be a great partner for Final Cut Pro.

Motion Features:

The well-designed Motion interface makes it easy for Final Cut Pro editors to get started. It has a single-window layout, enhanced features for the MacBook Pro’s Retina display, dual-monitor support, redesigned icons, and a dark appearance that helps perceive color. Many filters now also have on-screen control buttons for you to directly manipulate special effects. And editing keyframes is now easier and easier, because in the new view, the keyframe editor is placed below the timeline.

Template editor for Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is equipped with a rich content resource library, including subtitles, transition effects, special effects and generators. You can open any of these templates in Motion to make further personalized settings, and then save the changes to publish it to Final Cut Pro. That’s it, the new template is available immediately.

Motion is equipped with a variety of smart templates, allowing you to easily use a variety of high-quality special effects, subtitles, transition effects, and generators when editing in Final Cut Pro. You can use any combination of parameters to create a Smart Motion Template. You can also use Rigs to control a set of parameters through simple sliders, pop-up menus or check boxes.

As for subtitles, as long as the time length is set for the opening and ending parts, Final Cut Pro will adjust the subtitle text to match the timing of the middle section. You can also use multiple aspect ratio values ​​to set the template so that Final Cut Pro automatically adopts the correct layout based on the frame size of the script material. Just save to publish the template to Final Cut Pro.

Parameter Rigs

Rigs allows you to adjust related parameters through single control options such as sliders, pop-up menus or check boxes. For example, change the color of all objects in the project in one step, or apply a complex logo to a scene with one click. Rigs can be easily set by drag and drop, and can be modified at any time. Because Rigs allows you to quickly switch between options in real time, it is extremely suitable for the Smart Motion Template of Final Cut Pro.

Mac cracked apps

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