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Moment 1.2

Moment mac cracked app – Moment is a countdown application located in the macOS menu bar and notification center. We live in a short time, remembering every important small day and big event, mastering the progress every year and every year, caring about people around us and people far away are all extraordinary habits in our daily lives. sense.

Moment Software function:

  1. Countdown and Anniversary with Moment

Create countdown days for your life and various events worth looking forward to, such as birthdays, exams, graduations, weddings, travel, salary, Christmas, New Year, WWDC 2020, 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and your favorite remaining days game release Yet?

Commemorate past events and help you calculate the cumulative number of days since that day. For example, for a baby who has been pregnant for a few days, how long have you been working from home? This is the first few days since you joined the new company.

  1. Time progress bar

Do you know that this moment today has passed? Do you know the percentage this year? Use the time progress bar to plan your time reasonably, reduce fishing, and work hard.

  1. age

Add your newborn baby and watch TA grow up day by day.

Add avatars and ages of loved ones, caring friends, parents, relatives, and remind yourself to keep in touch with them at any time.

Don’t forget to increase yourself and watch yourself grow and grow old, but don’t waste every day and every day.

  1. Custom event

Support to add corresponding emojis and photos on each date.

According to the event type, it supports the creation of annual, monthly, weekly and daily cycles. For example, don’t forget to drive out cats regularly every month.

Important days are coming, you can customize the reminder push time, you can choose to notify you on the day or remind you in advance.

  1. View your day in many ways

Each date can be added to the menu bar individually, and you can browse the menu bar at any time without opening the application. To tell you the secret, my personal favorite is the “today” schedule. When I saw that 50% of today has passed and no tasks have been completed, I was very anxious.

Each event can also be added to the “Today” widget in the notification center. When you check today‚Äôs weather, you can also check the progress of those important days.

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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