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MKV2MP4 1.4.15(1812)

MKV2MP4 mac cracked apps is a Mac video conversion format conversion software that quickly converts MKV video format to MP4 format. It can put any different video formats and audio together, which is not possible with the traditional RM format.

MKV2MP4 function:

  1. Amazing speed

can convert files in order to be fast, because it does not re-encode the video data but just copies it to a more compatible MP4 container format. You can choose in the preferences whether you want the highest speed for audio conversion and the highest compatibility.

  1. Perfect quality

Since MKV2MP4 just copies the video data to the new container format, there is absolutely no quality loss, and the converted file is a pixel-perfect copy. Full support for full HD video.

  1. Batch conversion

can combine hundreds of files at once with its easy-to-use queuing system, and has convenient options that will automatically add multiple files without any further work.

  1. Convenient choice

3 modes of MKV2MP4 function conversion. The files you can choose will be perfectly compatible with every compatible MP4 player. Or you can choose the highest speed and the file will still play on most players (especially except iOS devices). In addition, there is a custom mode, you can define how to handle audio conversion at will. There is also the option of automatically adding files to the queue, eliminating them in batches afterwards. Most subtitles are fully supported, as well (see FAQ).

  1. Surround sound

If your file contains a surround sound track, you can use MKV2MP4 to generate a perfect 5.1-channel surround sound playback file on your supported target device. MKV2MP4 even supports a new generation of AppleTV with surround, which has special requirements to play files.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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