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Mitti 2.0

Mitti mac cracked apps – is a modern, powerful yet easy-to-use professional video cue playback solution for theaters, audiovisual performances, performances and exhibitions. has a clear, intuitive, clean user interface, easy to learn and use workflow, on top of modern 64-bit low-latency audio, and a powerful GPU-accelerated video playback engine, powered by a powerful SMPTE-speaking internal clock.

Mitti Features:

You can create cues from video and still image files, as well as rich input, including cameras, siphons, and NDI sources. The clues have their own colors, video effects, audio output and conversion settings.

playback engine can easily synchronize from any external MTC (MIDI time code) or LTC (linear time code) SMPTE time code source with any software or hardware time code generator, display control solution or even DAW.

User Interface:

  • Cue’s in the Playlist View on the left are larger for better readability on displays with higher resolutions. Each Cue that has audio data, now displays an audio VU meter.
  • The Playhead is now in the middle-bottom of the interface. The Cue In/Out points are draggable with the grey throttles on both sides. The Playhead is always shows the Current Cue, and it is draggable – even when the Cue is playing!
  • At the bottom of the Playhead view, there is the Audio Waveform View. The waveform data is not cached – it is generated each time when a Cue is loaded, and if any decoding error detected, an error message appears to let you know about the possible playback instability.
  • On the right side of the interface, there is the Cue Inspector, which shows the settings of the Selected Cue. In case there are multiple items selected, it shows only the options available for each them, and modifying settings affects all selected Cues of course.
  • The Preview now has a checkerboard background, which is useful to identify transparent areas.


  • Cue Toggles have a better sense now in general, and the icons location represents their processing order on playback.
  • Cue ID & Search by Cue ID: Cues now have a maximum 6 characters long, uppercase ID. By default, this ID is their index in the playlist. You can use this ID in OSC messages, as well as with on-screen search. So if you set a Cue to have the ID INTRO, you can send OSC messages to it using the ID like /mitti/INTRO/play – or if you type intro… on Mitti’s interface, it will select that Cue.
  • Goto: If enabled, Mitti will jump to that Cue when the Current Cue played out. This new function lets you link non-consecutive clips, or build small groups. The toggle icon shows the target Cue is above or below to the Cue, it also displays the ID of the target Cue, and if you click on the toggle’s right side, it will select the target Cue.
  • Color Tags: there are 5 built-in background colors you can choose to group you Cues, either from the Inspection or from the right-click menu. If you click on the Color Tag icon on a Cue’s left side, it will select all Cues with the same Color Tag.
  • Notes: you can write memos.
  • Play Count for Looping: now you can select how many times you want to the Cue to Play looped. If this is not infinite, Mitti allows you to turn on Transition, Goto and Pause at End, which will be processed on the last loop.
  • Transition: the Transition on the Cue will be used when you transition to that Cue. There is no separate ‘Playlist Transition’ as with Mitti 1.5. There are far less option then in Mitti 1.5 by the way – let us know if you miss one of the old options please!
  • Make Seamless Loop: this is a convenience function in the right-clip menu. It basically just duplicates the Cue, then enables transition and Goto to make the looping seamless.
  • Geometry: the Geometry now has cropping function.
  • NDI and Camera (Blackmagic): Cues now have audio input.
  • OSC: now there is a /mitti/playCueWithCueID function.

Mac cracked apps

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