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Mirror for Samsung TV

Mirror for Samsung TV 3.8

Mirror for Samsung TV mac cracked apps – works on any Samsung Smart TV from the 2012 models onward. Which model year do you have? You can see that by looking at the middle letter in your model type (on the back of your Samsung TV).

Mirror for Samsung TV

  • E = 2012
  • F = 2013
  • H = 2014
  • J = 2015
  • K = 2016

Mirror for Samsung TV – The quality of your experience will be dependent on the quality of your local network. Some tips to enhance the experience:

  • Preferably, connect your TV by LAN cable to your router.
  • Use an “ac” router. If you don’t have one, then use an “n” router.
  • Try not to overload your Wi-Fi network by moving big files around while you are mirroring.

With the aid of this ground-breaking app, wirelessly link your iPhone and iPad to a Samsung TV. Enjoy TV programs, sports, movies, live streaming, videos, etc. with ease. Try it today!

a program that allows you to mirror the screen of your iPad or iPhone on any Samsung Smart TV. No additional hardware or wiring are required! Any content from your iPad or iPhone can be mirrored to your Samsung TV.

Please make sure that you begin mirroring when you are in the app (Photos, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) that you wish to reflect on your TV in order to mirror both audio and video.

Enjoy all of the TV programming on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Any Samsung Smart TV starting in 2012 will support this. What year model do you have? By examining the middle letter in your model type, you can determine that (on the back of your Samsung TV). -Mirror for Samsung TV

E = 2012

F = 2013

H = 2014

J = 2015

K = 2016

M = 2017

N = 2018

R = 2019

T = 2020

Q = QLED (also supported) -Mirror for Samsung TV

For illustration:

UE55 E S8000 = 2012.

UE78 H U8500L = 2014.

There will be a few seconds of lag when using the app (usually between 1 and 3). Therefore, gaming cannot be done with this mirroring.

However, it is excellent for a variety of things, like watching movies, making presentations, and viewing pictures.

How the app functions: -Mirror for Samsung TV

  1. Ensure that your Samsung TV and iPhone or iPad are both linked to the same local network. Avoid using numerous subnets or VLANs.
  2. Open the Mirror app on your Samsung TV. Your local network will be searched for your Samsung TV(s). Please choose the TV once it is located. Depending on the Samsung TV model you have, the TV may prompt you to “accept” the connection when you use this app for the first time. In that instance, use your TV remote control to enable the connection between your TV and iPhone or iPad by pressing OK.
  3. Make this app’s notifications active. We won’t bombard you, but we will utilize this to let you know whether or not your TV is operating properly. In order to avoid being in the dark when things don’t go as planned, please accept it.
  4. To begin mirroring on the TV that is now chosen, click Start Mirroring. Once that is done, you can simply go to any other app on your iPhone or iPad, and the mirroring will keep going.
  5. There are two ways to cease mirroring. (1) Tap the red top bar that appears on your iPad or iPhone. (2) Select Stop Mirroring from the Mirror for Samsung TV app.

Issues and restrictions:


Some applications prevent Screen Mirroring. As a result, application developers are free to decide whether or not to prevent Screen Mirroring. For instance, this has been blocked by Netflix, Disney, and AppleTV+.

The Mirror for Samsung TV Pro Version is available as an in-app purchase.

The following capabilities come with the Pro Version:

  1. Enhances the screen mirroring with audio
  2. enables free lifetime updates for the application
  3. Allows users to select higher screen resolutions, such as 720p and 1080p
  • Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when your order is confirmed.
  • Unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before to the end of the current period, the subscription automatically renews.
  • The account will be debited for renewal 24 hours before the current period expires, along with the renewal fee.
  • After making a purchase, the user can manage their subscriptions and stop auto-renewal by visiting their account settings.
  • Where applicable, any unused portion of a free trial term will be forfeited when the user buys a subscription to that publication.

Our Use Policy: -Mirror for Samsung TV

Visit our privacy statement at


Please email us or message us on Facebook if you have any inquiries or would want to offer feedback.

What are users saying about us?

5 STARS for “Amazing” from Pmanswah

When I first saw the reviews, I initially believed they were fake and that the item would end up in the trash.

The software is a match made in heaven for me; I purchased it, utilized it, and everything worked flawlessly.

Please send your comments to [email protected] -Mirror for Samsung TV

Mac cracked apps

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