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MiniNote Pro 5.91

MiniNote Pro mac cracked apps – MiniNote Pro is the best note-taking app you will use program. It is designed from the ground up to provide the fastest and most enjoyable note taking experience. Try it for a week and you will be fascinated for life. – MiniNote Pro

MiniNote Pro Function introduction:

The application is located in the menu bar of the Mac and can be used with a single click of a button. Use it to jot down your thoughts and important information, and know that your notes will be easily accessible when needed. Want to create and read your notes on the move? No problem, our real-time synchronization service means that your notes will be immediately available via the companion app for iPhone and iPad with MiniNote Pro.

Our Pro application provides the following additional features than MiniNote Lite:

MiniNote real-time cloud synchronization service (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Detachable window can be moved around single or multiple screen settings and resize the application

Gorgeous custom full-screen editing mode

Choose two UI themes

Text style (bold, italic, underline)

Undo/Redo button

Fonts with 6 font sizes selected

Opacity control

Complete ad-free experience

In addition to the above Pro functions, you can also get:

Beautiful pixel perfect design and retina support

Advanced dynamic search bar to quickly find the note you are looking for

Use the Star button to create and view favorites.

The timestamp of each note you create

Share notes via email, Facebook, Twitter and iMessage

Note the remarks to the location of the RTF and TXT format you selected

The anchor button makes the application visible on top of all other applications

Convenient keyboard shortcuts:

Press Ctrl + N to open the application

Cmd⌘+ Ctrl + N to create a new note

Cmd⌘+ R to anchor

Cmd⌘+ [Return to list view

Cmd⌘+ F search in list view

Cmd⌘+, enter the “Settings” panel

Cmd⌘+ P print notes

Cmd⌘+ X / C / V cut/copy/paste text separately

Cmd⌘+Z Undo

Cmd⌘+ Shift + Z redo

Cmd⌘+ B / U / I are respectively Bold / Underline / Italics text

Cmd⌘+D can open and close window docking

Cmd⌘+ Shift + E to create a new note with your highlighted content

Esc hide the window

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

MiniNote Pro

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