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MiniCAD 4.4.5 CR2

MiniCAD mac cracked apps – The company produced by Tianji Media is honorably produced. Many CAD product software are compatible with AutoCAD R14 to 2017 DWG 2D and 3D drawings. The software is small, powerful, and fast. The professional CAD technical team continues to maintain and update • Provide 7*24 hours QQ group (339567706) Technical services.

MiniCAD Features:

  1. Look at the picture:Supports opening of .dwg .dxf .dwf file format, including encrypted drawings;Associate the relevant drawing format, double-click to quickly open the drawing;Support common operations such as panning, frame selection zoom, full image, undo, redo, clear, etc.;Support simple modification of drawings;Support setting the zoom factor of touchpad and mouse;Support Tianzheng conversion;Support layout switching;Support setting background color;Support display, window and full image screenshot
  2. MiniCAD Annotation:Support common labels such as relative, linear, radius and angle;Support setting label color, zoom size, decimal places;
  3. Measurement:Support area circumference measurement;-Support distance measurement;
  4. Font:Automatically adapt the missing fonts according to the drawings, and display graphics, fonts and symbols perfectly;Support importing external fonts, copying font files to the “Contents/Resources/Fonts” directory in the software package;
  5. Layers:View drawing layers intuitively;Can operate on layers: show and hide;
  6. Print:Support frame selection, full picture and current display area printing;Support to switch printing color style: default and gray;
  7. Export:Support exporting PDF, default export color style;

Mac cracked apps screenshot:​


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