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Mindjet MindManager

Mindjet MindManager 13.1.115

Mindjet MindManager mac cracked apps – mind map from the original influential Mindjet MindManager Pro 5, to the latest release of Mindjet MindManager 2017, has surpassed the humanized operation, and it has subverted the user experience and realized a more intelligent operation interface.

MindManager is used by more than 2 million professionals in 83% of the Fortune 100, and is used to organize and manage modern torrents of data and task deadlines. Its unique visual form is more conducive to understanding and creating opportunities for structured cooperation. Improved project planning and management, and promoted the communication of information with Mindjet MindManager.

Mindjet MindManager Features:

MindManager is a visual tool that can be used in brainstorm and plan. Provide business people with more effective, electronic means to capture, organize and contact information (information) and ideas (idea). MindManager uses the image thinking method to make information stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain at the same time, and its editing interface allows users to create and exchange various ideas and information with each other through the “image shorthand method”.

It has designed a natural and direct working environment that is consistent with the way people think, so it can reduce the time and effort you spend and reduce stress, thereby improving your work efficiency. Its concise, intuitive, and flexible interface, reasonable pipelined communication and special innovative inspiration triggering mechanism have finally played a good role in promoting project management, product quality monitoring, service quality improvement, and even decision-making.

MindManager creates rich visual graphics, draws direct relationships between different ideas, adds numbers and colors to important information for the purpose of highlighting, uses dividing lines to group similar ideas, insert icons and pictures to facilitate yourself and others to browse the big picture; Submit powerful reports; use the MindManager preview mode to display your graphics to others, or export the graphics content to Microsoft PowerPoint, so that complex ideas and information can be exchanged faster.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office to quickly import or export data to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project. You can also share graphics: you can send your graphics to a friend or colleague via Email, or you can publish it as HTML and post it on an intranet or Web site.

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