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Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint 16.65

Microsoft PowerPoint mac cracked apps – specifically designed for the Mac platform Software, use your ideas in your digital notebook. Capture, organise and share your thoughts with a digital notebook that can be accessed on any device. Use powerful search engines to find content quickly, these search engines will track your tags, index your entered notes, and recognise the bold, italic, underline, highlight, and insert files in images and handwritten notes, Pictures and tables – format your messages as you wish. Easily share laptops with friends, family or colleagues so that everyone can work together on travel plans, family tasks or work projects.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint app gives you access to the familiar tool you already know. Quickly create, edit, view, present or share presentations quickly and easily from anywhere. Need to access your most recently used PowerPoint files quickly while on the go? PowerPoint provides a quick view of your recent files for easy access on any of your devices. Worried about multiple file versions when you work on PowerPoint mobile? Syncing is seamless across devices. Work with anyone and present to anyone, anywhere, with confidence. With PowerPoint, your Office moves with you

  • Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac – MacBook Pro Touch Bar is fully supported by Microsoft PowerPoint. Controls are now available on the Touch Bar when your presentation is available in Slideshow View, including slide thumbnails and a timer to help you keep track of time as you present. Go easy on your eyes with Dark Mode. PowerPoint makes it focus on your presentation in low-light environments by supporting Dark Mode for macOS Mojave
  • Create presentations that stand out – get your ideas across with beautiful design, rich animation, cinematic motion, 3D models and icons. Let intelligent technology help you bring your presentation to life with a few clicks
  • Present with confidence – you can make new presentations or continue working on existing ones. As PowerPoint can sync your presentations to OneDrive, you can start a presentation on your Mac, then edit and present using PowerPoint mobile. With presentation view on any device present your point clearly and with confidence, all without firing up your laptop -Microsoft Powerpoint
  •  Work better together – With Office 365, collaborate using real-time co-authoring and comments to get input from teammates on your presentation. Plus, save it to the cloud to easily share with others and access it from anywhere, at any time, across devices

Thread annotations enable you to have useful conversations next to relevant text.

Use theme variants to change the style of the presentation and change different color schemes for the theme.

Presenter View provides you with the tools to display the current slide, the next slide, speaker notes and timers on the Mac, while only projecting your presentation to your audience on the big screen. -Microsoft Powerpoint

Animation pane helps you design and fine-tune animation.

Cooperation enables several people to work simultaneously in the same PowerPoint presentation.

The conflict resolution view can visually compare conflicting changes, so you can easily decide which version to keep. -Microsoft Powerpoint

Mac cracked apps

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