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McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.5

McAfee Endpoint Security mac cracked apps : Real-time anti-malware and anti-virus protection-stop viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware and other potentially harmful programs from stealing confidential data and destroying user productivity

McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security roactive email and network security-Block malware and spam from reaching your inbox. The built-in McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus can warn users about malicious websites before they are clicked, and allows administrators to authorize or block website access to ensure compliance.

McAfee Endpoint Security esktop Firewall-Control desktop applications that can access the network and stop network attacks and downtime. Deploy and manage firewall policies based on location to provide complete protection and regulatory compliance.

McAfee Endpoint Security omprehensive device control-Monitor and restrict data copied to removable storage devices and media to prevent them from leaving company control.

McAfee Endpoint Security nparalleled centralized management-The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) platform with Real Time for McAfee ePO can instantly view and control security protection, and unified control of all security and compliance tools of McAfee and third parties.

Traditional desktops and fixed systems in local area networks may have a gateway or network security layer to protect them. But they still need basic security measures to stop advanced malware, control data loss and compliance risks caused by removable media, and provide secure access to critical email and web applications. McAfee® Endpoint Protection Suite integrates these core functions into a single manageable environment, which is ideal for protecting traditional desktops and other systems restricted by Internet threats.

What do the call center, engineering design studio and doctor’s office have in common? Their users rely on tower-based personal computers and traditional desktop systems that never leave the office. Since these systems do not have access to wireless hotspots and help children browse the Internet at night or leave at the airport, while carrying sensitive data, they are subject to hacker intrusion, and the risk of malicious downloading or theft is low.

However, enterprise users rely heavily on webenabled applications and e-mail, so even these stationary machines require sophisticated protection measures to defend against the target real-time malware communicated by these applications. Your email server should have an extra dose of anti-malware, backed up by the malware protection of each endpoint itself.

In addition, most modern PCs have multiple USB ports and DVD drives. As far as call centers, engineering design studios and doctors’ offices are concerned, an unhappy staff member may bring home customer databases, engineering design and other intellectual property, medical records and financial data. Device control can help you limit the use of removable media and portable storage to avoid the loss of these data.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite seamlessly integrates proven security to help you manage all these risks and improve operational efficiency and cost savings through the convenience of a single solution.

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