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MasterChef: Let’s Cook! 1.2.0

MasterChef: Let’s Cook! mac cracked app – Do you have what it takes to be the number one chef? Show your cooking abilities in MasterChef: Let’s Cook! A unique, fun, and fast-paced cooking competition game awaits you!

Get matched with other players around the globe. Choose your ingredients, slice, prepare, plate, and serve delicious dishes with style in fun mini-games! The MasterChef judges will evaluate your dish based on your performance and speed. Complete and unlock new recipes, challenges, mini-games along your cooking journey!

MasterChef: Let’s Cook!


Play countless mini-games with a twist! Challenges will take you to cook recipes with extra added difficulty. Will you be able to clear all of them?


Create an avatar and customize its features as you want! Become the coolest chef and standout by changing your outfit from a wide range of clothes, accessories, and aprons!


To become a top chef you will have to progress through different episodes. Each episode will contain a variety of dishes, mini-games and different gameplay related to that Episode theme. Be ready to discover new utensils, recipes, and cooking gear as you progress through each episode. Collect trophies to progress. Train your skills and grow as a chef!


Through completing mini-games, events and challenges you will be able to collect different cooking gear such as pots, utensils, plates among others and upgrade them! Cooking utensils are a chef best friend!

Multiplayer fun and lots of recipes await you in MasterChef: Let’s Cook! Download it now, it is time to prove that you are a top chef!

What’s New

  • New competitive mode called Prime time. Test your skills against five opponents in a series of elimination rounds. The one who wins the last match receives the biggest prize. But since this is Prime Time, the game mode is only available 7 pm to midnight on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • New Christmas-themed costumes: new outfits, hats, aprons and mitts.
  • 10+ new recipes
  • Revised weekly challenge
  • Additional new content: Episode 10
  • Solo Mode: master recipes at your own pace and face off against the competition when you’re ready in competitive matches.
  • Bug fixes

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