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MarkMyWords 2.5.0

MarkMyWords mac cracked app – is a powerful Markdown editing tool. Support: Markdown + Extra, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext, BBCode, HTML and other languages. Built-in multiple CSS styles, and you can use your own CSS styles to preview. It can also be exported to multiple formats: RTF/RTFD/HTML/DOC/ODT/PDF/Textbundle/Textpack. In addition, it also supports non-interference writing mode.

MarkMyWords function:

  1. OneClick style

For each markup language, you can use the predefined OneClick style list, so if you don’t want to type, just click once. Of course, you can use the integrated OneClick-Style-Editor to change all OneClick-Style, you can also create new styles or other small text fragments.

  1. Syntax highlighting

MarkMyWords can highlight your markup for you. In addition, you can change the color of the highlight. If you really hate it, you can customize the highlight scheme in many ways. Read the help file of MarkMyWords for more information.

  1. Keyboard-Magic

Simply press the tab key to indent the selected text, keep the indentation on a new line, automatically create list items, automatically close parentheses, etc. In addition, you can use the “one-click editor” to create tab-triggered actions to insert custom text on certain actions.

  1. Title navigation

The title navigation pop-up window allows you to quickly access different parts of the current document by providing the title as an anchor.

  1. Custom editor

This is a fact, different people, different needs. MarkMyWords lets you choose your favorite font, font size and -color, background-color, and even lets you choose the background color for the selected text. In addition, you can choose to use the thick insertion point cursor for better visibility.

  1. Marking system

Set a mark to remind you that you have been edited or the part of the article is missing. You can give Markers a separate description and use shortcuts for quick access. Markers will become your daily companion for writing tasks.

  1. Template

Create templates for articles with the same structure, so you don’t have to write matching parts over and over again or perform copy’n paste operations. Yes, tags can also be used in templates.

  1. Count

A dedicated writing application without word count? Always be in your vision and provide other options, how and how to calculate MarkMyWords will make you consistent.

Mac cracked apps

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