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Mark Text

Mark Text 0.15.1

Mark Text mac cracked apps is a WYSIWYG Markdown editor, combines editing and preview functions, you can see the effect after editing while writing, and it is also a Markdown editor that supports Doutu, you can search for what you want at any time Emoticons and insert your articles, very convenient to use, is one of the best Markdown editors

Mark Text function:

1, table block

Support GFM table block, you can delete/add rows and columns.

2, chart

Support flow chart, sequence chart, Gantt chart, Vega chart.

3. Inline format

Support CommonMark and github Flavored Markdown specifications.

4. Mathematical formula

Markdown extended mathematical expressions (KaTeX)

5. Code block

Support GFM code protection, highlighted by prismjs.

6. Doutu function

The latest version supports the bucket map function. Open the bucket map search panel, all the animations you want are in it, and it will take you to fly.

7. Real-time preview

Mark Text supports multiple editing modes, including source code mode, switch to source code mode, you can copy Markdown to where you need it.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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